Rapid Adventures was launched on the 1st of December 2017. Brendan Struwig, our Main River Guide, developed his love for river rafting while working as a river guide on the Orange River during his school holidays. His love for this grand river developed into a passion to create a company. Our desire is to provide you with a scenic tour of the magnificent Orange River and its magnificent surroundings making sure that your adventure is filled with fun, laughter and a life time of memories to take home with you.

We operate in the Richtersveld around 1300 km from Johannesburg and 680 km from Cape Town. The Richtersveld National Park is a semi-desert which experiences scorching days and cool nights. The generally sandy banks of the Orange River are lined with game, willows, ebony trees and other lush vegetation. We make use of “Crocs” (inflatable boats) to take you on your journey in exploring all these beautifully elements the river has to offer.

Brendan Struwig

Main River Guide

Why we make use of “Crocs” and not canoes:

  • They are safer to use as they do not capsize easily
  • More comfortable than a canoe
  • Plastic
  • Child-friendly
  • A lot can be loaded onto them as there is plenty of room
  • They do not crack or break when gliding over rocks
  • Easier to steer, therefore safer in faster flowing water to avoid rocks
  • Easy to get in and out of

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